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Not carrying Hoyt bows any more

Fever 1 Pro

A to A 30”

IBO 312-304

Brace 7”

Wgt. 3.7

Draw 18.5 to 29

Draw wt 40# 50# 60# 70#

Let off 75%


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Infinite Pro

A to A 31.5”

IBO 310

Brace 7”

Wgt. 3.2

Draw 13 to 31”

Draw wt  5 to 70

Let off  80%


These are bows that will grow with a child, with both their draw length or the pounds they can pull back. They are that adjustable  in a lot of instances the bow will be the only bow you ever have to buy.  The Ruckus Jr is for the younger child  but both the Fever one and the Infinite Pro go up to hunting weights of 60 pds for the fever one and up to 70 pds for the infinite Pro. For hunting it is all that's needed. These are great to just teach a new shooter how to shoot and it can be for target only as well. The infinite Pro also comes in black and pink. The fever one Pro  In Black,  Breakup camo and Skullworks camo.

Bear Cruzer

A to A 32”

IBO 310

Brace 6.5”

Wgt. 3.6

Draw 12 to 30

Draw wt  5 to 70

Let off  75%



By Bowtech

Dr Lgth 15-30"

IBO 318 fps

Weight  3.6 lbs


A TO A 31"

 Brace 7"

Draw Wt. 7-70

Letoff 80%

MSRP 449.00

Camo Black Purple or Blue