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We have lots of different recurve bows in stock in a lot of different draw weights and lengths

The Adventure bow for instance is  available in

48” 54” 62” 66” 68”

PSE Razorback Description

 Riser: Made of Walut wood, BurmaWhite Wood, and  Beech Wood Limbs: Made of Maple wood and  fiberglass Stabilizer and sight bushings

 62” 20 to 35#

 Brace height: 7"

 Weights @ 28" draw

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Stalker Description

 Perfect recurve bow for entry level hunters

 Riser made of Beech wood, Burma white wood,and  Bintangor wood  Limbs made of Maple wood and  Macquarie wood

 Length: 60″ 35 to 50#

 Brace height: 7-1/4 to 7-1/2″

 Weights @ 28″ draw

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