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Email  your  items to me and I will post them on this page with your contact info then anyone interested can contact you on that item, Don’t forget to put times for  them to call you.

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SpotHogg Hooter shooter  is up for sale  here at B&A Archery

This item was close to $1000 when bought

Your price  $600. tune a bow on this machine and its perfect tune at $80 dollars a bow when you do one.

This sure loc press is for sale also It was new selling about $800 + Your Price is $200 now, this will do most bows and crossbows it was always my ace  for certain bows It will NOT do the Latest type bows with the little limbs  it does Excalibur  crossbows and quite a few  different bows and crossbows  as well. This press has been used well but it’s in good shape.