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2021 Bows still available.  and on Clearance.   You must have the draw length Set, and Pounds set, as well as your peep sight & rest etc. they do not come setup.                    

***Email me for  Genesis used bows (for kids and adults) , $100 a piece, different colors, some have new strings


1  Bear G 2 toxic Green  LH 1 camo Rh

1 black RH

←In stock

Diamond Prism Bows,  1 Flo blue RH  

5-55 # 18 -30”

One left






←In stock

Bear Legit

14 to 30” Draw

 10 to 70 pds


Wildfire right hand

←In stock

Bear Royale

2 Bows both

RH Camo

 12 - 27” Draw

5 - 50 Pds




Site Open  - but under Construction.


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Options : Color
Options : Color

***I will set your bow to your draw length and pounds.  You will not have to get your bow set up elsewhere , I will do it for you.

<<1 Left Hand Realm X

70 pounds Camo

Realm X

<<1 Right Hand Amplify 70 pounds

Left Hand Realm X
Right Hand

1 black shadow G2 other colors are out of stock but can be ordered right hand

These are used Genesis’s bows in different colors on sale RH or LH

For $100.00 each

Different manafactures recurve bows Right or left  Handed at $100 apiece

Our price