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Email  your  items to me and I will post them on this page with your contact info then anyone interested can contact you on that item, Don’t forget to put times for  them to call you.

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Yellowstone String Jig

Make or repair your own strings

I have lots of accessories like stretchers,  tensioners  and a 8 ft rail & another 10 ft rail for long one cam Strings Dealer cost on this$400 without accessories .I am selling it for $200 with accessories


Reduced Price

Save Money, I Have used bows in stock now

This bow is a  Bowtech Tomkat it is in great condition  it is fully set up  and  has a case full of arrows and release and more Left handed

Bowtech is $350

 Cases is  hard cases as seen below

The menace is  $250

bow has a case

Call Sam at


Call day hours

This is the deluxe power press   new its $950.00 the third axis changes the whole unit to work on angles and on it’s side and new is $120.00.  The draw board  new is $220.00 I will take $600 for it all every thing works great, I will also include a lot of other parts Fingers for the press and trays and magnetic  trays as well . All for $600 dollars If you want the press alone  $500.00 it is a used unit but good condition